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Inspiration Study Circle- The best IAS Coaching in Dehradun

Greetings Civil Service Aspirants!

In Dehradun, Inspiration Study Circle is the best IAS classes. They help you prepare well for the Civil Services Exam. Many people have passed this exam with their help, so they are famous in Dehradun for IAS coaching.

Inspiration Study Circle makes learning easy. Their teachers are really good at teaching. They use simple and fun ways to help you understand hard things. They also give you books and tests to practice.


Inspiration Study Circle has been the center for excellence serving as the best Civil Services Training Center in Dehradun for the last 14 years for candidates who want to join All India Civil Services and State Public Civil Services.

ISC considers effective hybridized conventional learning with modern and smart key elements, promising reform, innovation, independent, and updated knowledge.

The key to success in any field is dedication and consistency. The world of the Civil Service exam is no less. The exam is a high-stakes battle that requires effort and determination, intended to achieve effective, intelligent public administration in the expertise sector to recruit future politicians and public sector workers. Anyone can make it happen if they put the dedication, time, and energy into it.

Inspiration Study Circle (ISC), the best IAS/PCS coaching institute in Dehradun, hereby introduces you to its one major key factor, i.e., Smart/ Hybrid Lectures for UPSC/PCS Preparation. The program focuses on imparting knowledge and sources to hard-working aspirants with unique and penetrable techniques.

The Promises of the ‘SMART CLASSES’ from ISC:


  • We conduct detailed classroom lectures with a small batch at a time to encourage more student-teacher interaction.
  • Live Lectures through an online meeting/classroom portal.
  • Each lecture is an equipped smart class for better and more conducive understanding.
  • Access to classroom discussions and easy student-teacher interaction.
  • Detailed documented material for Prelims as well as Mains.
  • Discussion on critical, current, and contemporary topics within the class itself.
  • Access to ISC’s Mobile Application.
  • Recorded Video lectures of live classes for every topic taught daily (available in Hindi and English) on the app.
  • Comprehensive data and information on Current Affairs (Daily and Monthly basis).
  • Weekly online test Series.
  • In-depth GK and GS Study Material.
  • Complete guidance and support through telephone and text message communication.

We provide 100% syllabus coverage with customized modules that save time and provide an efficient study program.

Key Features of the ‘SMART CLASSROOM’ Experience by ISC:


  • One- to- one Student to Teacher interaction for a personalized learning and understanding experience.
  • Provision of detailed daily lectures of around 5- 6 hours, as per the timetable provided.
  • Daily classes for 5- 6 hours, allowing students to be regular with each subject and save time for day-to-day revision.
  • Digital classrooms following the hybrid teaching method.
  • The availability of live lectures allows candidates to attend classes on the go and interact with the lecturers within their comfort zones.
  • Admission of the candidates to the WhatsApp and Telegram groups/channels for the latest keys.
  • Availability of regular newsletters and editorials of major publications concerned with current affairs and global issues.
  • Hybrid classes for better understating through interactive videos, diagrams, maps, and graphical interfaces.

How will ISC ameliorate your preparation?


  • The Lectures are so designed by our experienced faculty that they can be easily understood and learned.
  • Inspiration Study Circle stands out for being the best training institute with an out-of-the-way feature of providing simplified but detailed Current Affairs and blogs on a daily, as well as monthly basis.
  • We have covered the entire syllabus of IAS/PCS in our course in our study material.
  • Emphasis on the areas that yield maximum questions.
  • Inspiration Study Circle takes on various streams for a better course of action depending on the location and preference of the candidates.

To Crack the UPSC CSE Exam: – Study ISC Institute notes/video lectures thoroughly and solve questions from standard question banks through our online portal. For brilliance, the candidate must appear in the test series organized by the institute.

Intellectual Benefits of Inspiration Study Circle (ISC) for Preparation:


  • With 14 years of experience, the institute has given successful results in every Civil services exam.
  • Cumulative of the best teachers and our experienced team.
  • The candidates are provided with important marked information on every topic.
  • Focused study material saves your time and is no extra burden.
  • Our Online course will set your preparation on the right track so that you are by no means left behind.
  • ISC has been admitting candidates from all over India, thus, introducing a variety of courses fitting the individual requirement of a student.

Inspiration Study Circle

The BEST Institute for IAS/PCS/CAPF/Defense Preparation


The Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun, has delivered exceptional results and successful selections every year in the UPSC CSE and State PCS Exams, along with other Central and All India Services Exams, and promises to continue to do so.

The UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam is very hard to crack and only a few dedicated and hard-working ones achieve it. It is possible to make it happen if you decide and dedicate most of your time and efforts to it.

ISC, Dehradun has a good focus on a student-oriented approach and intensive subjects. This is discussed in class and provided to students through various digital media and hard-copy manuals.

The Director of Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun, Mr. Nisheeth Saxena, is himself a dedicated teacher of the core topics in Static General studies, and an expert in General Studies and Geo-political issues.

Your dream can always become a reality once you start striving for it in your waking state. Your goal should be your priority. Regularity and revision should become your rituals.

Adapt the “Read and Stay Updated” strategy.

Best Wishes!

Inspiration Study Circle


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