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A Prosperous Success Story for Inspiration Study Circle “Inspiration Study Circle did it again!”

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results of the Civil Services Exam 2023-24 on 15th April 2024, Monday.

Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun has delivered an exceptional result in the UPSC CSE 2023- 24 Exam. We came out with Five Successful Selections.

We have four selections under our “Mentorship and Interview Guidance Program”, that is, ISC- MIGP, and one selection from our “Daily Classroom Program”

“Heartiest Congratulations on Qualifying for the All-India Civil Services”
  • Harshit Verma- Rank 272 (IPS Cadre)
  • Vishal Dubey- Rank 296 (IPS Cadre)
  • Raghunath Singh- Rank 461
  • Nahush Yadav- Rank 820 (IAS Allied Services)
  • Gourav Kumar Mandal- Rank 1006 (IAS Allied Services)

The Pride and Honor of Inspiration Study Circle has been raised a bar higher with this year’s outcome.

Inspiration Study Circle Congratulates the outstanding performance of all the selected candidates in the exam! Their hard work, dedication, and commitment have paid off with a remarkable result. This accomplishment is a testament to their intelligence, perseverance, and ability to rise above challenges.

This exceptional performance reflects not only their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter but also their strong work ethic and determination to excel. These Future Civil Servants have demonstrated a true passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge, which has undoubtedly contributed to their success.

Let us take a moment to celebrate and be proud of this accomplishment. The proud achievers have earned this success through their unwavering efforts and commitment.

Team ISC wishes that as they progress, they continue to strive for excellence and pursue their dreams with the same passion and dedication. This accomplishment is just the beginning of a series of achievements that await them in the real field.

A Note from the Director’s Desk

The UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam is extremely hard to crack and only a few dedicated and hard-working ones ace it. This uphill battle takes back-breaking work and persistence from one’s side. It is possible to make it happen if you decide and dedicate most of your time and efforts to it.

A firm commitment and persistent hard work uplift a person to places that are only dreamt of by others. If you have a dream, start working for it. Your preparation starts the minute you begin. Often, the small steps and not the giant leaps bring about ever-lasting changes. So, begin today, begin now!

The aspiration for UPSC exams can be very rightly expressed in the words of the Great Missile Man of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, “A dream is not what you experience in your sleep. A dream is that which does not let you sleep.”

Your dream can always become a reality once you start aiming for it in your awake state. Understand and get familiar with the syllabus. Brush up your basics with NCERT books. Your target should be your priority. Regularity and revision should become your rituals. It should be kept in mind that UPSC demands an analysis of a topic. It aims at evaluating your critical thinking and decisiveness.

Inspiration Study Circle, the best IAS/ PCS coaching institute in Dehradun, stands with you in concocting the perfect recipe for your aspirations. Join now and conquer!

Adapt the “Read and Stay Updated” strategy.

Nisheeth Saxena

Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun

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