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UKPCS 2024 Notification- Complete Exam Strategy

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Preparation with ISC: UKPCS 2024 Complete Exam Strategy: Conquer the UKPCS 2024

UKPCS stands for Uttarakhand Public Civil Services. This is a state-level examination conducted by the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) to recruit candidates for various administrative posts in the government of Uttarakhand, India.

The UKPCS 2024 Civil Service Exams is an exam in Uttarakhand that recruits for administrative civil service under the Group ‘A’ Civil Service of the executive branch of the Government of Uttarakhand. It requires intense dedication and hard work on the candidates’ part.

Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun, ranks as the top PCS/PSC institute. Here at ISC, we emphasize static GS, current affairs, and burning topics. These are discussed in class and provided to students through various digital means with hard copy handouts. The Director of Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun, Mr. Nisheeth Saxena, is an expert in General Studies and Geo-political issues.

UKPCS 2024 Notification, Complete Exam Strategy
UKPCS 2024 Notification, Complete Exam Strategy with inspiration study circle in dehradun

UKPCS 2024 Notification for the Combined State Civil/ Upper Subordinate PCS 2024

UKPSC Notification 2024 for UKPSC Combined State/Upper Subordinate Services (PCS) Service Exam – 2024 has been released, announcing 189 UK PCS Vacancies.

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) has released the UKPCS notification pdf with brief information for the UKPSC PCS 2024 Exam to recruit 189 vacancies through the Combined State/Higher Secondary Services Exam-2024.

These 189 Vacancies are so divided into various categories and classifications.

After the release of the notification, the UKPSC online registration process has also started. The application window will be available till 3rd April 2024.

The detailed notification is available on the official website of UKPSC.

UKPCS 2024 Exam Purpose

The UKPCS 2024 exam is being conducted to select candidates for various Group A and Group B positions in the State Government of Uttarakhand. The selected candidates will join as Deputy Collectors, Deputy Inspectors of Police, Block Supervisors, District Transport Assistants, Assistant Commissioners (Commercial Tax), etc.

UKPCS 2024 Vacancies and Posts

Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) has officially announced the notification for UK PCS Exam 2024 and has released a total of 189 vacancies.

These 189 vacancies are divided so:


No. of posts













The Various Posts and Vacancies in the UKPSC PCS 2024 Exam include

  1. Sub Registrar, Assistant Prosecuting Officer (Transport)
  2. District Basik Shiksha Adhikari / Associate DIOS and Other equivalent administrative posts, District Administrative Office
  3. District Audit Officer (Revenue Audit)
  4. Assistant Controller Legal Measurement (Grade I) / Assistant Controller Legal Measurement (Grade II)
  5. Senior Lecturer, DIET
  6. Chemist
  7. Officer on Special Duty (Computer)
  8. District Can Officer, UP Agriculture Service Group B (Development Branch)
  9. Labour Enforcement Officer
  10. Management Officer/Manager (Estate Department)
  11. Technical Assistant
  12. Tax Assessment Officer

UKPCS 2024 Exam Calander: Important Dates

  1. UKPCS Notification 2024 Released: 13th March 2024
  2. UKPCS Application Form starts: 14th March 2024
  3. UKPCS 2024 Application Form ends: 3rd April 2024 (till Eve. 11:59:59 pm)
  4. Last Date for Making Fee Payment: 3rd April 2024 (till Eve. 11:59:59 pm)
  5. Modification in application forms will be open: from 9th April 2024 till 18th April 2024 (till Eve. 11:59:59 pm

UKPCS 2024 Strategy for Preparation

UKPCS (Uttarakhand State Public Service) preparation for 2024 requires a consistent and focused approach. Here are some tips to help you in your UKPCS 2024 preparation:

  1. Understanding the Syllabus: Know the UKPCS 2024 Syllabus. Research each subject and topic mentioned in the syllabus to create a syllabus.
  2. Create a syllabus: Create a syllabus that includes a realistic schedule covering all subjects and topics. Set aside time for revision.
  3. Collect study materials: Collect required study materials including textbooks of the latest edition, reference books, previous year question papers, and online resources. Make sure the teaching materials are reliable and up-to-date.
  4. Stay updated on current affairs: Stay informed about current events related to national and international events, government plans, policies, and important issues. Read newspapers, national and economic magazines, and online news portals regularly.
  5. Practice Previous Year Question Papers: Solve previous year question papers to understand exam format, question types, and time management. It will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Take Mock Tests: Practice solving mock tests and PYQs to up your level of preparation. Mock tests will familiarize you with the exam environment and help you manage time effectively.
  7. Increase your general awareness: Increase your general awareness by reading books, newspapers, magazines, and online resources. Focus on topics such as history, geography, economics, ethics, science, and the environment.
  8. Develop analytical and reasoning skills: Practice logical thinking, analytical skills, decision-making, and problem-solving skills to improve your skills. These are very important for CSAT and interviews.
  9. Regular Review: Set aside time for revision. Review the topics you covered to reinforce your learning and ensure retention.
  10. Stay positive and manage stress: Maintain a positive mindset during preparation. Manage stress with relaxation, exercise, and relaxation techniques.
  11. Stay updated with UKPCS 2024 Notifications: Follow the official UKPSC website and notifications for changes or changes in exams, syllabus, or relevant information.

UKPSC- PCS 2024 Procedure and Preparation

The process of shortlisting candidates for Uttarakhand Combined State Civil Services Examination-2024, commonly known as UK PCS-2024, has started with the release of UKPSC Notification 2024. 

The Uttarakhand Public Service Commission (UKPSC) conducts the UKPCS examination to recruit candidates for various administrative posts in the state government of Uttarakhand, India. There will be 3 stages for the selection process- Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

Stage I- UKPCS Prelims 2024: The UKPCS Prelims 2024 is the first stage of the UKPCS 2024 selection process. It consists of two papers: General Studies Paper-I and General Studies Paper-II (also known as Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT). Both papers are objective and done offline (pen and paper-based). General Paper-I covers topics like History, Geography, Indian Politics, Economics, Science, and Current Affairs, General Paper-II tests the candidate’s understanding, interpersonal skills, logical thinking, analytical ability, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

Stage II- UKPCS Mains Exams 2024: The candidates who appeared in the UKPCS 2024 prelims exam can appear in the UKPCS 2024 mains exam. The UKPCS Mains Exam 2024 will be a written exam consisting of several compulsory and optional papers. The final paper includes subjects like General Hindi, Essay, General Studies (Paper-I to Paper-V), and optional subjects of two papers (chosen by the candidate). The candidate will have to choose an Optional subject from the list of subjects provided by UKPSC.

Stage III- UKPCS Interview 2024- The Personality Test: The UKPCS 2024 candidates who clear the main exam will be called for a Personal Interview. Interviews are conducted to assess the candidate’s personality, communication skills, leadership qualities, and general suitability for an administrative role. The UKPCS 2024 Interview is very important in the final selection process.

UKPCS 2024 Final Selection Procedure: The final recruitment of candidates for the UKPCS 2024 Vacancies and Posts will be based on aggregate results in the Mains Exam and the Interview. Marks obtained in the preliminary examination are not considered for final selection. UKPSC 2024 will prepare the final merit list for 2024 based on the performance of the candidates and the candidates are allotted the posts based on the rank and availability of vacancies.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about the examination process, it is recommended to refer to the official UKPSC website or notification/advertisement.

Inspiration Study Circle: Strategy for UKPCS 2024 Exam

The most important aspect of success in any field is dedication and consistency. The rest completes your hard work.

  • First, understand the UKPCS Civil Services Prelims Exam Syllabus and Pattern.
  • Break down the entire preparation into short-term goals.
  • Study and learn the entire syllabus thoroughly along with regular revision.
  • Focus on one topic at a time and divide your time accordingly.
  • Always look for debates and discussions around you that add quality and knowledge to your brain. This is the best exercise.
  • Read! Reading not only improves your vocabulary but also broadens your horizons.
  • Read books on culture, politics, opinion, newspapers, and most importantly editorial columns.
  • Whatever it is, it is regularly revised at least twice during your tenure.
  • the current situation must be regularly noted and thoroughly reviewed. They make great questions and help with long-term learning goals, especially for interviews.
  • Clear your basic doubts and questions.
  • Focus on CSAT. However, this is an option, but the candidate must cut it.
  • Do your preparation by doing the previous year’s questions and mock tests.
  • Your strategy may have different steps in each phase of preparation, but the work must be continuous.

ISC- Subject-wise Time table for UKPCS 2024

Creating a schedule for UKPCS 2024 preparation will help strengthen your plan and study. Inspiration Study Circle, the best IAS/ PCS coaching institute for the UKPCS 2024 preparation has a sample of topic-based timetable for Revision that you can customize as per your needs:

General Studies (GS):

  1. History: Set aside 2-3 hours a week to study ancient, medieval, and modern Indian history.
  2. Geography: Devote 2-3 hours a week to study Physical Geography, Indian Geography and World Geography.
  3. Politics: Spend 1-2 hours per week on polity and governance.
  4. Economics: devote 2-3 hours a week to the basic economic concepts, the Indian economy, and current economic issues.
  5. Science and Technology: Devote 1-2 hours per week to cover general science topics and the latest developments in science and technology.
  6. Environment and Ecology: Spend 1-2 hours per week on environmental issues, biodiversity, and nature conservation.
  7. UK State GS: Spare 1 hour on alternate days to learn and revise the topics of your state. This subject is of crucial importance in the exam.

Current Affairs

  1. Daily News Analysis: Spend 1-2 hours every day reading newspapers, watching news shows, and noting down important current topics.
  2. Monthly Task Compilation: Set aside time at the end of each month to compile and review your monthly task list.

State Subject topics: The Candidates sitting for the mains exam for UKPCS 2024 will be expected to take two exams on state GS. The candidates must set aside an hour a week to study this subject. Allot time according to the schedule and weightage of different subjects.

Essay writing: Practice essay writing on various current topics regularly. Devote at least 2-3 hours a week to brainstorming and writing essays on various topics.

Revision and Mock Test Practice

  1. Set aside time each week to review previously taught topics.
  2. Take regular practice tests at least once every two weeks to assess your readiness and identify areas that need improvement.

Answers to the Writing Exercise: Allocate some time every week to write answers for the Mains exam. Select previous year questions or topic-based questions and write a complete answer within the given time limit.

Personality Test Preparation: In the final stages of your UKPCS 2024 preparation, take time to improve your communication and presentation skills. Conduct mock interviews and participate in group discussions to improve your overall personality.

Key Features of the ISC New Batch for UKPCS 2024

Starting any preparation early has the highest priority. The UKPCS 2024 New Batch from ISC offers the following benefits:

  • Candidates study and learn the basics at the bedrock level for one long year.
  • Complete explanation and analysis of topics and content with EXPERT ANALYSIS on every topic of every lesson.
  • Scheduled Online and seven-day classes.
  • Lectures are designed for students in small groups at a time to encourage greater student and teacher participation.
  • ISC has a combination of the best teachers and an experienced team.
  • Every class is an equipped smart classroom equipped for better understanding and comfort.
  • Daily and monthly provision of current affairs.
  • Critical Discussion of critical, current, and contemporary topics within the classroom.
  • A learning approach that includes complex and analytic approaches.
  • Candidates are given important points and markers in each topic.
  • Focus on the areas with the most questions.
  • Provision of preparation books and teaching materials.
  • Structured revision of important points.
  • Scheduled Test Series based on the whole course.
  • Full-length test series for the final preparation.
  • Current Affairs Test Series.
  • Answer Writing Tutorial to write Mains comprehensive answer.

Special Batches of State GK for UKPCS 2024

Candidates of UKPCS (Uttarakhand Public Service Commission) should prepare thoroughly for State General Knowledge (GK) apart from the general subjects mentioned in the syllabus. Inspirational Study Circle provides Exclusive State GK Classes specifically for UKPCS 2024 preparation.

Special faculty for this class with extensive knowledge bank will conduct detailed lectures to prepare UP GK, and UP GS, for State Level Exams 2024.

Special CSAT Classes for UKPSC 2024

CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test) or the General Aptitude Test is an important part of the UKPCS Prelims 2024 exam. UKPSC conducts the provincial service exams prelims in two stages: preliminary exam (preliminary exam) and main exam (main exam). The first stage consists of two papers: a General Studies (GS) paper and a CSAT paper. CSAT exam tests the aptitude and reasoning ability of the candidates. The CSAT is designed to assess a candidate’s personality and thinking skills, not individual subjects. They assess the candidate’s understanding, analytical, logical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Questions in the CSAT paper cover topics such as reading, quantitative ability, logical reasoning, interpreting information, and English comprehension.

A Note from the Director’s Desk

The aspiration for UPSC/ UPPCS/ UKPCS exams can be very rightly expressed in the words of the Great Missile Man of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, “A dream is not what you experience in your sleep. A dream is that which does not let you sleep.”

ISC provides regular, specialized classes for CSAT for UPSC 2024 as well as UKPCS 2024 Prelims preparation with expert faculty around 3-4 classes per week. We also offer standardized tests and CSAT-based specialized test series.

If you are a candidate who wants to join the esteemed All India Civil Services, State Civil Services, or Defense Services, consider enrolling in Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun, the best IAS/PCS institute to get the best experience in learning and training. ISC will guide you to achieve your goals.

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