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UPSC Prelims Test Series 2024

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Inspiration Study Circle- Dehradun UPSC- CSE 2024 Test Series

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is all set to conduct its CSE Prelims Exam, tentatively on 26th May 2024.

The UPSC CSE is the most elite and strenuous exam in the country. Every year more than 500000 candidates appear for the same. With the onset of this exam around the corner, the candidates are both anxious and overwhelmed.

Inspiration Study Circle (ISC), which is the top IAS/ PCS coaching institute in Dehradun, brings you the UPSC- CSE 2024 Test Series

UPSC Prelims Test Series 2024
Inspiration Study Circle Dehradun provides UPSC Prelims Test Series 2024 is a comprehensive program designed specifically to help aspirants prepare for the UPSC Civil Services IAS

About Our Institute- Inspiration Study Circle

Inspiration Study Circle, ISC, has been the best Civil Services Training Center in Dehradun for the last 14 years for candidates who want to join All India Civil Services and State Public Civil Services. ISC has been ranked as the best IAS coaching institute in Dehradun and the whole of Uttarakhand. It has been classified as a top institution for IAS, IFS, PCS, IFOS, and other Civil and Defence Services Exams like CAPF, CDS, and AFCAT.

The classes at our institute are designed to provide students with the best possible foundation for their preparation journey. ISC’s faculty, curriculum, and lectures are designed for better critical understanding, self-directed learning, and revision.

Inspiration Study Circle provides various courses for convenience and ease of access according to the location and preference of the candidates.

These courses are designed on different fee structures that may suit the students as per their requirements. ISC has been admitting candidates from all over India.

What is the UPSC 2024 Test Series?

Most aspirants focus only on standard books, completing the UPSC syllabus, revising and retaining the concepts, and checking various study materials and online resources. However, due to time constraints, there is no quality check on the matter learned and studied all year. UPSC preparation will not work if you prepare without evaluating your knowledge. Self-examination and testing are as important as UPSC exam preparation.

Hence, a good and clear Test Series will steer your preparation in the correct direction. For the coming UPSC- CSE 2024, it is very important to test yourself in various stages of preparation, i.e., for prelims, mains, and the interview thereafter.

Inspiration Study Circle puts forward a detailed Test Series for UPSC 2024 in Dehradun itself. We will provide a separate test series for Prelims, for mains, and interview sessions for the ones appearing.

ISC- UPSC 2024 Prelims Test Series, Dehradun

The preliminary exam is the most competitive stage in the UPSC journey. About 97% of candidates are retained at this stage only. It is not only a test of your knowledge and depth of preparation but also your ability in time management, accuracy, and presence of mind. Thus, completing and revising the syllabus is part of the preparation. Another important part is to evaluate your training constantly.

A UPSC 2024 Prelims- GS Test Series serves the purpose of doing exactly that.

ISC will provide a 54-Test Prelims Test Series for the aspirants of UPSC 2024 in Dehradun and outside (through online medium). The tests will be of the following type:

  1. NCERT Level Tests
  2. Subject/ Topic Wise Tests
  3. Full-length GS Tests
  4. CSAT Tests
  5. Current Affairs Tests

These Tests will be conducted every Sunday both online and offline, in English and Hindi Mediums, starting from 29th October, 2023.

Detailed answer keys and solutions will also be provided for the students’ better understanding and concept clearing.

ISC- UPSC 2024 Mains Test Series, Dehradun

Another important part of UPSC 2024 preparation is the practice of writing answers for the UPSC IAS 2024 Mains exam. Also, the tricky part of preparing to score here is that not only the questions must be answered as per the exact requirements, but the candidate must also present the answers in the most interesting and meaningful way. Thus, completing and revising the syllabus is one-half of the preparation. Another important half is to evaluate your training constantly.

A UPSC 2024 Mains Test Series (Answer Writing Practice) serves the purpose of doing exactly that.

Inspiration Study Circle will be providing a 16-Test UPSC 2024 Mains Test Series for the UPSC 2024 aspirants in Dehradun and outside for an early and well-timed preparation. These Tests will be:

  1. Thoroughly based on UPSC 2024 Pattern
  2. Thorough with the syllabus and current topics
  3. Include the year-long geopolitics topics
  4. Provide thorough practice of the Mains exam word limit and time limit

These tests will be conducted and provided in both English and Hindi Mediums and will be available online as well as offline

Advantages of joining a UPSC 2024 Test Series!

Evaluation of the Preparation: It helps you stay consistent by providing a time-honored goal and helps you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. ISC UPSC 2024 Prelims plus mains Test Series will provide a well-designed test series for the IAS/PCS Preparation.

Helps extensive schedule in portions: After preparation, it will be beneficial to revise small sections of the UPSC syllabus as it will help you memorize micro topics. Thus, test-based preparation for UPSC CSE 2024 allows you to cover the entire syllabus in sections.

Assistance for time-cringe: The candidates who are working professionals cannot spare the time they need to focus on their studies. The UPSC Prelims Plus Mains Test Series 2024 from ISC, will help them to cover the extensive syllabus in time.

Increased chances of a higher score: Regular tests enable IAS aspirants to answer the questions correctly, decreasing the chances of negative marks in UPSC Prelims. ISC is providing Weekly provision of UPSC Prelims Test Series 2024 and regular provision of UPSC Mains Test 2024.

Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses: Since both Paper I and II have a negative marking scheme, the UPSC aspirants can indicate the parts of the syllabus that need more attention.

Preparation for CSAT: Prelims Paper-II which is CSAT requires a 33% cutoff for qualification. Given the trends of recent years, the paper requires a certain level of preparation. The UPSC test series for Prelims 2023-24 by ISC will help to exert the appropriate amount of effort to swim with ease.

Memory Booster: Frequent Mock tests in UPSC preparation are very helpful. They let you know how much knowledge you have accumulated so far. Continuous practice through UPSC mock tests from the ISC Prelims plus Mains Test Series will help in memorizing most of the UPSC syllabus topics with test patterns and performance analysis.

Practise makes one Perfect: The test series covers most of the subject matter and challenging questions. The ISC Test Series 2023- 24 mock question papers will provide sufficient practice for UPSC aspirants, familiarising them with the exam pattern.

Focussed Time Management: After identifying their strengths and weaknesses. The aspirants can design a preparation strategy in the stipulated time frame. In short, the UPSC 2024 Prelims and Mains Test Series from ISC will help the candidates assess themselves on the right track for success.

How to prepare for UPSC CSE 2024?

UPSC has a practice of announcing its calendar a year before the exam starts, this gives a candidate an advantage to plan their schedule accordingly and prepare wisely.

The following hints can be of great use:

Inspiration Study Circle provides a wide variety of information on the tips of your fingers. You can easily access us on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Our website is frequently updated for the candidates’ benefit.

Why Opt for ISC, Dehradun Test Series for UPSC 2023-24?

Inspiration Study Circle has been designated as the Best IAS/PCS Preparation Institute in Dehradun. We cover the entire syllabus prescribed under UPSC CSE and special emphasis is laid on the areas that yield the maximum number of questions.

ISC, is not just the top civil service, IAS, PCS, and Defense Service Training Institute in Dehradun because of its valuable faculty and elaborated study plans, but also because of its exemplary preparation strategy.

The institute conducts regular tests and assessments to help students track their progress and identify areas where they need improvement. This helps students to prepare better for their exams and to achieve their desired scores.

Current Affairs and the Latest Global topics are a crucial part of the preparation for clearing any Exam. These also become the biggest pain points for the candidates.

Inspiration Study Circle stands out for being the best training institute with this out-of-the-way feature of providing simplified but detailed Current Affairs on a daily, as well as monthly basis. This Exercise is followed by taking Separate and special Tests for Current Affairs for UPSC 2023- 24 Preparation. This aids the candidate’s amalgam and boosts their confidence for the final battle.

If you are a candidate aspiring to join the Esteemed All India Civil Services, Public State Services, or Defense Services, consider enrolling at Inspiration Study Circle for the best experience in learning and training. ISC will steer your way in achieving your goal.

Contact us today to learn more about our available Test Series for UPSC 2024.

Greetings and Compliments,

Inspiration Study Circle, Dehradun

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